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From Bernd Lutz <>
Subject Re: Search feature ?
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 14:24:39 GMT
A simple approach is to split ever string you wish to index at spaces. Then emit the keywords
to a view.
With a process limit of 5 seconds there are about 20,000 emits per document possible.
I haven't tested it on a large scale project, but it should work out for small cases.

Am 17.01.2010 um 15:19 schrieb Nicolas Steinmetz:

> 2010/1/17 Metin Akat <>
>> Depends on what you mean by "search". If you want "fulltext search",
>> then yes, your best choice so far is couchdb-lucene. But if you just
>> want to find documents by their properties, then you don't need to use
>> some external tool.
> For ex, I would like to implement a basic search in a blog app and maybe in
> the futur in a basic CRM app. So for ex if I search for couchdb, I would
> like to find all docs with couchdb in the title or body part in my blog and
> if I look for "Doe", I will find the entry I have for all people named "Doe"
> in my CRM app.
>> For example I use this function to "search" for animals in my database.
>> function (doc) {
>>   if (doc.doc_type == 'Animal') {
>>           emit(doc.ear_mark, doc);
>>           emit(doc.belt, doc);
>>           emit(doc.birth_date, doc);
>>   };
>> }
>> the user starts typing (either of these properties) in a text field
>> and is able to find the animal she is looking for.
> Looks it's what I was looking for.
> Thx,
> Nicolas
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> Nicolas Steinmetz
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