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From "Markus Jelsma" <>
Subject Re: Small bug in Futon
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 20:56:48 GMT

I too get into trouble in futon after adding several documents via curl
containing the typical <, >, ", ' and & characters. All except ' and " are
escaped properly in HTML, i get the usual entities. I don't get any errors
with the double quote (this is being escaped with a slash of course) and
the single quote ID sends me to /_utils/document.html?test/

The quotes at least should be converted to entities, it would surely mess
up element attributes if keys are to be used there.


Mikhail Novikov said:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello!
> Couldn't find any reference to this in issue tracker, so I wonder if
> this bug is known about.
> Quote (and I presume many other non alphanumeric symbols) in _id will
> cause some glitches in futon, when you try to open a document through
> document list. It won't escape quote correctly and will output "not
> found" error (or it can get you to wrong page). Document id search on
> top works fine.
> Best regards, Mikhail Novikov
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