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From "Markus Jelsma" <>
Subject M/R/M, again
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2010 23:14:32 GMT
Hello list and core developers,

Some six months ago a thread emerged [1] concerning a possible
map/reduce/merge in CouchDB. The question was if CouchDB would put this
feature on its list of proposals (which it still isn't).

Well, i now humbly attempt to get this topic back to the attention of the
core developers and users that also feel a need for having such a feature
on board.

As far as i know M/R/M would be most helpful in returning related
documents with just one key, instead of using sneaky techniques as
described on the wiki [2] that allows us to fetch related documents but
force us to retrieve two or more documents to do so.

Instead of fetching two or more documents, i'd prefer to fetch just a
single document queried with a `complex` key such as ["customer_id",
"product_id"]. This would then return one document containing information
on the customer as well as the number of products he/she ordered (we have
a separate document for each purchase).
Now we need to use the trick described but, i'm sure most of you would
agree, it would be much easier to have a complete document with all
required information instead of parsing an arbitrary number of documents
as we must do now.

To finish this message; i'd first like to apologize if i understood it all
completely wrong, if so, please enlighten me and others for the sake of
sharing clear information. Secondly, if it actually is a most beneficial
feature for many of us, can we `vote` for it to be integrated in CouchDB
instead of a possible contrib?

Any advanced insight is much appreciated.



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