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From Markus Jelsma <>
Subject Re: M/R/M, again
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:57:51 GMT
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply, but i'm afraid that i have provided a lousy explanation 
of the case i run in to. Let me explain with actual examples for i believe 
Damien's examples do not fit my use case.

I have a tiny database with two types of documents, profile and 
profileApplication. The profile type has an ID which is the user's e-mail 
address and a simply username field, nothing more (see below for anatomy of 
both document types).

   "_id": "",
   "_rev": "1-5f7718ae8a627f4cf5b93b63420b7e1f",
   "type": "profile",
   "username": "markus17"
   "_id": "1d2d9db700029557666e5d260b2ea038",
   "_rev": "2-279daa538abc5cbb4b1524d29ce4ab53",
   "type": "profileApplication",
   "applicationId": "app2",
   "profileId": "",
   "primaryId": 18

The documents with profileApplication type are related to both an application 
(which i have omitted for now) and a profile. In RDBMS terms its purpose would 
be a common link table.

The purpose for this relation is that a single profile can have a different 
primaryId for different applications. My profile ( would 
have primaryId=18 for app2 and primaryId=17 for app1 etc.

The goal would be to retrieve both my profile document _and_ the primaryId 
that goes with my profile for app1 or app2, ideally the query would be 
key=["", "app1"], but this is currently not possible.

There are two things i can do now:
1) retrieve the profile first and then fetch the primaryId for the application 
i need, but this takes two requests and manually merging of the profile data 
and primaryId;

http request 1:


http request 2:


It's clear that i need to merge the value of the second request with the 
document received by the first.

2) fetch the profile and all related primaryIds in one go, this is one single 
requests but i also get primaryId's for apps that i don't need so this fetches 
more data and also needs clientside merging after i filtered out the app i 

http request 1:


It's clear that i need to filter my profile document and the 
profileApplication document for the app i want (app1). The bad thing here is 
that i do not get my profile document in the value (although i can emit it but 
that's), if i include_docs i'll also get a lot of extra data on the documents 
i don't need, here it's just one document but i can be many.

Both techniques work and have their pros and cons. But do you agree that it 
would be much more convenient if we could simply construct views that carry 
merged or combined documents using key=["","app1"].

Am i correct to assume i cannot achieve the goal stated above without either 
Chris' technique or merging of documents in one single view?

Please forgive me if i somehow didn't understand Damien's example but i 
believe that deals with arithmetic instead of merging complex data structures. 
I also didn't (yet?) feel that the new 0.11 linked documents feature will help 
me out here. Also, i wish to keep this data in separate documents, keeping an 
array within the profile document isn't really the best approach i think.


>See and
> and the
>comments on both.

Markus Jelsma - Technisch Architect - Buyways BV
050-8536620 / 06-50258350

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