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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Should I use CouchDb?
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 17:26:31 GMT
2009/12/10 Leonardo M. <>:
> Hi, yesterday a friend sent me an email about CouchDb, and I kept
> reading about it until late night, it sounds like it could solve a
> problem I'll have this next year.
> Let me briefly explain what my company does, and the problem I'm facing.
> The company let health organizations's (hospitals, clinics and
> pharmacies) patients to pay by a local credit card, using our system, in
> charge of credit validation.
> Currently the software runs on a server supported by Firebird 2.1, and
> health organizations ask for authorization by phone or internet (not all
> organizations have internet access in this side of the world), that's
> because at this time, all organizations are not too far from our
> building, they are located in the same town.
> In the near future, we are making arrangements with a couple of clinics
> in other cities, and we want to let them to make authorizations online.
> The problem here is we can't be sure the Internet access will be 100%
> up, so I'm thinking of a multiple master redundancy schema, and after
> reading about CouchDb, I think I found the solution to my problem.
> Should I choose CouchDb?

CouchDB is specifically designed for occasionally-connected use cases.
If you can fit your data model into CouchDB, then you should be able
to run it in multiple locations, and reconcile/update data with
replication when a network connection is available.

> --
> Leonardo M. Ramé

Chris Anderson

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