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From David Carns <>
Subject Noob Question - Trying to leave SQL behind
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 14:31:21 GMT
I would love to leave SQL behind and migrate to CouchDB.  One of the
things I have been using SQL for is a rudimentary queuing platform.
The SQL query that allows this to happen (quite nicely, actually) is:

        update tablename set status = 1 from tablename where id in
(select top 1 id from tablename where status is null)

        <note>I left out a bunch of NOLOCK arguments and an update to
another column in the query for better reading</note>

Is there an effective way to do this with CouchDB?  Sorry if this is
an uninformed question.  A reply of RTFM is fine, but I have not found
the answer on my own so far.

Thanks in advance.


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