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From Rajkumar S <>
Subject map from multiple docs
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 15:25:05 GMT

I have a db which stores mail logs. Each log entry is stored as a
single document. for example (just the relevant fields):

   "_id": "2b93d795d483b1ca352f6596c5497c7f",
   "_rev": "1-1463054967",
   "queueid": "03DBB81E1F",
   "numrecipients": 1,
   "fromemail": "",
   "logtype": "message_from"

   "_id": "5ade1602d52f75a4b35ab6c03aa5d8d9",
   "_rev": "1-2573414463",
   "queueid": "03DBB81E1F",
   "rcptemail": "",
   "logtype": "message_delivery",

I want to get the queueid of all mails sent from domain to domain.

If all entries with same queueid was in the same doc I can write a map
with key like ["",""] so that in my url I just
use startkey as ["",""] to get all mails from
"" to "

Here my problem is that sender and recipient are in two different
docs, with queueid being the common key. Given this data structure is
there any way I can get the data out in the way I want?

Any help will be very much appreciated.



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