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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Re: How to make equivalent of WHERE on JOINed table in CouchDB?
Date Sun, 13 Dec 2009 21:57:21 GMT
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Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> The worst that could happen is that
> people stop asking questions and I certainly don't want that.

That is likely to happen with crossposting too because people are less
likely to answer and they certainly won't go an answer in all locations so
some of them won't have answers.  Anyone searching those locations first
will then see a lack of answers and assume that CouchDB is dead or stagnant.

> The underlying problem is probably that the mailing list archives lack
> any sort of features that people find useful on StackOverflow. Maybe
> there's an angle to solve this in a nice way.

How about fixing the home page to have a link about getting help in the "Get
Involved" section.  (Currently you are encouraged to come up with patches
which is a little too much at the beginning!)

I've created a wiki page with what I think should be pointed to:

I think it would be best if a Google Custom Search was created which
automatically included the relevant locations (mailing list archive, wiki,
bug tracker) and hosted on the front page of

BTW it is probably also worthwhile making the front page of
indicate that the project is actually alive.  There is no date on the page,
there is no "news" feed or even a link to news and pages like the roadmap
have no dates and are out of date anyway.

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