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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Re: Design Question
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:55:00 GMT
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Matthew M. Gamble wrote:
> If I go down the "one user, one DB" path is there a limit to the number of databases
I can create?  Any performance issues with having 100k+ unique databases?  

The database names are constrained (so they are unambiguous on the
filesystem - eg only lowercase ascii but you could probably base64 encode
the names if needed).  You would have problems if the underlying filesystem
is crummy - each database corresponds to a file so the filesystem should
handle that number of files.  Consequently using a NTFS filesystem while
running a virus scanner would be a bad idea :-)  Modern Linux filesystems
are fine.  You will likely also have to increase some tunables in the script
starting CouchDB such as the number of open file handles.

However only you can decide what you consider acceptable performance and
what is representative data.  You should be able to construct an appropriate
benchmark using your favourite scripting language with CouchDB bindings in a
few hours (or less!).  Do please report back the numbers you get.

This will help for ulimit setting:

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