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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Re: Design Question
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2009 22:25:46 GMT
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Matthew Gamble wrote:
> I'm sorry if a question like this has been asked
> before, but I couldn't find anything in the archives that was quite the same
> as what I'm trying to do.

There indeed was a similar discussion.  One of the final conclusions was
that it would be best to have each user plus their data stored in a separate
DB.  The reason for this is that it makes the security rules easier to
define and also makes more sense for replication.  (Presumably you want to
eventually allow the users to run a personal CouchDB with the same database.)

> attachment but that made it very hard to search the data as it required the

May be helpful

> Or is it best to put each user as their own database and store the address
> books / VCards as documents?

That would be most natural.  In theory you can write an update handler that
parses the vCard into fields and makes them keys of the doc.  If you do this
then the full text search should work really easily.

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