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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Re: Javascript templating for shows/lists
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 21:51:31 GMT
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Benoit Chesneau wrote:
> Well json resig code is buggy and give less features than embededjs.

What are the bugs in the Resig implementation?  (I'll mention them in the
wiki.)  Your comment also highlights the biggest problem with it - there is
no bug tracker or development/test/release process behind it, as it is more
a proof of concept.

> Anyway if you  don't want logic in templates 

I'm averse to having Javascript in the templates.  You can see the evolution
of templating in other scripting languages.

> maybe underscore 

Underscore is in the same family as Resig and embeddedjs - Javascript code
in the markup.

> though I really don't like having things starting
> with a "_" which is against some common usages.

I guess we have JQuery to blame for popularising the punctuation character

> Also have a look on closure which may be interesting too.

- From reading the docs it looks like it should work.  Having a compilation to
Javascript is nice for debugging since you'll find out about syntax errors
at compile time rather than run time.  I'll add this one to the wiki once I
get time to install Java etc.

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