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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Javascript templating for shows/lists
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 21:13:09 GMT
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Can anyone recommend Javascript templating engines that can be used within
the CouchDB server side for implementing shows and lists?  The Sofa weblog
app (also described in the book) uses a nice small one from John Resig.

Book section:


I am looking for something a little more complex such as handling
conditionals and automatically HTML escaping all values unless told
otherwise for specific ones (ie make XSS harder to happen accidentally).

I can find several engines that will only run in the browser, or depend on a
DOM being present, or load the templates from a URL, or require a complete
HTML document to be present in the template (lists build row by row).  These
are all deal breakers. Some are many kilobytes of code and require other
libraries such as jQuery.  Will this much code be a problem for show/list usage?

My plan is for the output to be somewhat plain but functional - ie usable on
a mobile phone.  Then client side Javascript runs and adds functionality,
increases information detail, improves formatting etc.  An example of this
in sofa is that the CouchDB side formatting provides dates in output which
client side Javascript then reformats and the client side also knows what
the local timezone is.  Similarly client side javascript can add in icons,
previews of next items, tooltips etc.  This all points to a simpler CouchDB
server side templating engine.

I'll summarise responses in the wiki.

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