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From Troy Kruthoff <>
Subject external process (ruby)
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 00:12:04 GMT
We are developing an external process ( 
) in Ruby using EventMachine (EM).  This may be a better EM question,  
but I thought I'd ask here first and at least understand a little more  
about how couch spawns and kills these processes.

Bottom line:  Our EM based external process eats CPU & memory when we  
kill the couchdb server.  Everything else is fine.

We are using EM (like pyton's Twisted, only ruby) because the process  
does a lot of fire and forget http requests based on the input and  
output (btw, couch kicks ass).  I know the problem exists some where  

1)  Somehow, couch tells the process to off itself via stdin/out
2)  EM is listening on stdio gets an EOF, broken pipe or whatever (and  
the epic fail begins).

I'm hoping someone here has run into this before, or at least can  
recommend what to ask of the EM list (is it not handling EOF, or does  
couch do something else)



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