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Subject Re: Gathering data through recursive references
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:55:33 GMT
Quoting Nils Breunese <>:
> Kosta wrote:
>> Quoting Nils Breunese <>:

>> * Recursive Queries (i.e. ask for all programs in group x and use   
>> recursive queries to check whether x is actually in the path z-y-x)
>> * Storing the whole path in the document (which is a pain in case  
>> you  ever move the group)
> Thanks for confirming my thoughts. I'll see if I can get the  
> incoming data to change so the whole path is stored. Otherwise the  
> clients will indeed need to use multiple queries.

I thought about this a little more. Either the group name itself is a  
unique identifier, then you only need one query per group (there's no  
group x OR group y), but you need recursive queries to construct the  
path. Or group names can be ambiguous (but the path is unique), then  
you need the full path stored in each doc anyway.


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