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From "Leonardo M." Ramé <>
Subject Should I use CouchDb?
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2009 15:51:57 GMT
Hi, yesterday a friend sent me an email about CouchDb, and I kept
reading about it until late night, it sounds like it could solve a
problem I'll have this next year.

Let me briefly explain what my company does, and the problem I'm facing.
The company let health organizations's (hospitals, clinics and
pharmacies) patients to pay by a local credit card, using our system, in
charge of credit validation.

Currently the software runs on a server supported by Firebird 2.1, and
health organizations ask for authorization by phone or internet (not all
organizations have internet access in this side of the world), that's
because at this time, all organizations are not too far from our
building, they are located in the same town.

In the near future, we are making arrangements with a couple of clinics
in other cities, and we want to let them to make authorizations online.
The problem here is we can't be sure the Internet access will be 100%
up, so I'm thinking of a multiple master redundancy schema, and after
reading about CouchDb, I think I found the solution to my problem.

Should I choose CouchDb? 

Leonardo M. Ramé

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