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From Jim Woodgate <>
Subject looking for best approach to handle geo data
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 15:47:12 GMT
We have some data stored in WKT format and I was looking for a good
way to index the property for a view.  I saw a few existing
implementations, but they used an existing format and had things like
another database dependency that I didn't want.  In general I want to
use a geometry library to check for an intersection between two
geometry objects and hopefully also be able to group together entities
that are relatively close to each other to make the searches faster.

I was wondering what the best approach to take would be.  There is a
javascript project called OpenLayers that is able to handle the
format, I could possibly pull pieces out of that, but it wasn't
entirely obvious to me if I could load an external library for my
design doc.  Would that be possible if I attached the javascript as an
attachment to the design doc?  I also looked at writing an external
wrapper using geos, but looking at the external documentation, it
looked like it was more for handling an entire query by itself, where
I'm really just trying to plug into the view mechanism.  Has anyone
done something similar, use some kind of an external library (either
javascript or external) to help couchdb do something with the view


Jim Woodgate

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