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From Matt Goodall <>
Subject Deleted docs can be accidentally resurrected
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 22:56:02 GMT

I swear I've reported this odd behaviour before but I can't find any
mention of it now ...

I have some code with a race condition that is caused by what I
believe is a bug in CouchDB - a deleted document can be updated using
an old, valid rev.

If a document has not been deleted then CouchDB correctly returns a
conflict error if the latest rev is not sent. However, once deleted,
any rev in the docs history can be sent as the update and, as long as
the doc is changed in some way, the document will be resurrected with
a rev whose sequence is 1 more than that sent in the update.

Create new doc ...
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"_id": "foo"}' http://localhost:15984/test/foo

Update a couple of times to move the rev on ...
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"_id": "foo", "_rev":
"1-967a00dff5e02add41819138abb3284d"}' http://localhost:15984/test/foo
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"_id": "foo", "_rev":
"2-7051cbe5c8faecd085a3fa619e6e6337"}' http://localhost:15984/test/foo

Delete the doc ...
$ curl -X "DELETE"

Update using an old rev, changing something ...
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"_id": "foo", "_rev":
"1-967a00dff5e02add41819138abb3284d", "num": 1}'

Now, I can sort of understand how something like that might happen
during replication but there's no replication going on here and
there's no conflict created in the database.

I can't think of a way around the problem at the moment, other than
marking the document for deletion and then sweeping it later when
something else is hopefully not going to be touching the document.
But, frankly, that's horrible,

- Matt

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