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From Sebastien PASTOR <>
Subject Re: Newbie :Filtering using complex key and array
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 12:43:43 GMT
Sorry for the previous blank mail ... here is the content :

Hi there,

Pretty new to couchDB. I ve read a lot about couchdb and finally dive
into it with a small project :)
I am trying to do a simple thing and i am not sure at all if i am going
the right way :

my docs look like this :

 "name":"Pizza Torino",

     I managed to get  all shops by type and get a reduce function to
     do the sum ( not much i know but still quite an accomplishment for
     me :) )
     I then tried to get my result filtered by delivery_areas. as in
     getting only shop
     that do delivery in postal code 75019. I just could not  have
     anything that
     worked using startkey and endkey ... is it the way to go or is
     delivery_areas within an array not right ?

     my last map function looks like this :
         "getShops" : {
                  "map" : "function(doc){

 Thanks for pointing me to the right direction



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