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From sftf <>
Subject revisions and CouchDB as Temporal database
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 06:12:28 GMT
Why we need to reinvent a revision mechanism at application level,
instead of using existing built-in one?
This built-in mechanism is very useful in applications that need
to maintain revision history of documents (aka Temporal Database).

But now compaction and replication treats older versions of each document as garbage,
but not as document's history useful at the application level.

So questions is:
It may be useful to make this revision mechanism as the temporal feature (in sense of transaction-time)
of CouchDB?

And for this:
a) invent option to compact without removing old revisions from the database and
   option to removing revisions older than the given timestamp
b) invent replication option to replicate revisions too
c) invent optional flexible timestamping of revisions

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