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From lenz <>
Subject Re: Couch in the wild: request for feedback
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 03:55:40 GMT

i'm lenz from iWantMyName, a New Zealand based domain registrar
targeting the US market and about to launch into the european market.

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 8:40 AM, Michael Miller <> wrote:
> - why did you choose couch?

when we started iwmn we looked around for new stuff - as you do when
starting from scratch - and played with many new things. CouchDB was
the one that made it into our design right from the beginning and we
did not regret it. starting out as a simple way to store user settings
it covers now nearly 80% of our database needs.

> - if you did not choose couch, what was the leading reason?

it was a bit rough around edges when we started with it - that was pre
0.8 ... we picked it nevertheless :-)

> - what problem(s) does couch solve for your application?

easy content management for everyone on the project. easy replication
for load balancing, easy interface to just fix stuff on the fly ...
relaxing overall experience :-)

> - was couch a success for your needs?

nope .. it was a huge boost in productivity, success is an
understatement here i guess ...

> - what are your top feature requests for future development?

reliable packaging, i guess it is key to get good packages for lots of
environments out

> - what do you love about couch?


> - what do you hate about couch?

the missing "copy this document" button in futon

> - AOB

we use couch a lot and every time i touch code that still uses
postgres i tend to rewrite it for couchdb. that is not that i don't
like postgres, it is more that i can solve the same thing so much more
elegant in couch. the feedback i got from various talks down here was
pretty much the same, easy interface, easy to pick up and get going.
relaxing to work with.


painless domain registration (finally)

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