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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: Replication hangs
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 14:04:25 GMT

>> Also, you might try setting up the continuous replication instead of
>> the update notifications as that might be a bit more ironed out.
> I already have considered that, though as long there is no way to figure
> out if a continous replication is still up and running i cannot use it,
> cause i have to restart it when a node fails and comes up again later.

Hmm. Doesn't the _local doc for the continuous replication show if its
still in progress? Oh, though it might not have a specific flag
indicating as such.

>> Another thing to check is if its just the task status that's wonky vs
>> actual replication. You can check the _local doc that's created by
>> replication to see if its update seq is changing while task statuses
>> aren't.
> If only the status would hang, i should be able to start up the
> replication again correct? Though this hangs as well.

Touché. Can you perhaps increase the logging level to see if it prints
something useful as to what its doing before getting wedged?

Paul Davis

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