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From Michael Miller <>
Subject Couch in the wild: request for feedback
Date Sun, 25 Oct 2009 19:40:52 GMT
Hi All,

I should introduce myself to the list: I am one of the cofounders of  
Cloudant.  Behind Adam Kocoloski's  lead we are actively contributing  
to CouchDB and are currently deploying it at scale as a hosted service  
for our alpha-customers.  We are co-sponsoring this week's  
no:sql(east) conference in Atlanta (*) and I'll be giving my first  
talk on CouchDB.  The talk is aimed squarely at telling the story of  
couch in the wild, and I could use your help.  After a brief  
description of couch and what makes it unique, I want to focus on what  
it's like to use couch in production.  In particular:

- why did you choose couch?
- if you did not choose couch, what was the leading reason?
- what problem(s) does couch solve for your application?
- was couch a success for your needs?
- what are your top feature requests for future development?
- what do you love about couch?
- what do you hate about couch?

I realize a lot of this information is available from the most recent  
survey (**) but there has been a lot of action since that was  
completed.  Any feedback that you can provide would be greatly  

Thanks, Mike

Mike Miller


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