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From Larry <>
Subject Understanding CouchDB stats
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 21:05:58 GMT
So I'm trying to wrap my head around CouchDB stats. I'm trying to figure out
exactly what the various data values mean. For example lets say I query the
"couchdb" group for the "database_reads" metric with the range parameter of
300 (5 minutes). It returns data similar to:

'database_reads' =>
  array (
    'current' => 85168,
    'count' => 3671,
    'mean' => 23.2002179243,
    'min' => 0,
    'max' => 153,
    'stddev' => 23.8069956677,
    'description' => 'number of times a document was read from a database',

As I understand it this is all the data being collected for the 5 minute
interval. So with that understanding I have the following questions:

   1. What exactly is 'current' & 'count'. What are each of them recording
   and why is 'count' less than 'current' in my system (seems counter intuitive
   to me).
   2. Can the 'mean' here be interpreted as average reads per second?
   3. Is there any indication of exactly where within the 5 minute interval
   we are?

Another metric that I'm having trouble with is the 'request_time'. Querying
it returns data similar to:

'request_time' =>
  array (
    'current' => 56,
    'count' => 265465,
    'mean' => 7.39186333415,
    'min' => 0,
    'max' => 6796,
    'stddev' => 39.6154036284,
    'description' => 'length of a request inside CouchDB without MochiWeb',

   1. Again, same question about exactly what the 'count' and 'current'
   values mean for this metric.
   2. Does the 'mean' represent the average time for a request in CouchDB in

Thanks for the help guys, its always greatly appreciated!


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