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From Glenn Rempe <>
Subject Re: Timeout Error when trying to access views + Indexing problems
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 01:24:28 GMT
Slightly more info on this.  I see the following stack trace when this
[Sun, 04 Oct 2009 01:18:41 GMT] [info] [<0.3343.0>] Stacktrace:

And I was suspecting that perhaps it was related to low ram or cpu on the
EC2 instance I am running on (with the couchdb on an EBS volume) and
upgraded to an extra large with 15GB RAM, and four cores.

No difference at all.  I get this error now almost instantly whenever I
select any of the views you see in the pastie below in the single design

Help!?  :-)



On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 9:10 AM, Glenn Rempe <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am looking for some guidance on how I can eliminate an error I am seeing
> when trying to access views, and help with getting through indexing a large
> design document.
> Yesterday I upgraded to a trunk install of CouchDB (0.11.0b) in an attempt
> to resolve my second problem (see below). I have a DB that currently has
> about 16 million records in it and I am in the midst of importing more up to
> a total of about 26 million.  Yesterday when I would try to access one of my
> map/reduce views I would see the indexing process kick off in the Futon
> status page and I would see the couchjs process in 'top'.  But today, if I
> try to access any view I see the following error from CouchDB within about 3
> seconds from requesting any view:
> The first few lines of it are:
> Error: timeout{gen_server,call,
>     [couch_view,
>      {get_group_server,<<"searchlight_production">>,
>          {group,
>              <<95,25,15,251,46,213,137,116,110,135,150,210,66,56,105,172>>,
>              nil,nil,<<"_design/SearchDocument">>,<<"javascript">>,[],
>              [{view,0,
> I have tried without success restarting the CouchDB several times.
> Any thoughts as to what might be happening here and how I might prevent it?
> Related to this is my second problem.  Whenever I have tried to index a
> view of this large DB the indexing process seems to silently die out after a
> while and it never get through indexing the whole DB.  I have seen it get
> through 10's of thousands up to a few million docs before dying (out of
> millions).  Questions:
> - Is there a recommended method to figure out what is happening in the
> internals of the indexing that may be causing it to fail?
> - If indexing fails before having gone through the entire result set at
> least once does it continue where it left off at the last crash?  Or does it
> need to start the whole indexing process over from scratch?
> - How can I best ensure that my large DB gets fully indexed?
> Thank you for the help.
> Glenn
> --
> Glenn Rempe
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> voice                 : (415) 894-5366 or (415)-89G-LENN
> twitter                : @grempe
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Glenn Rempe

email                 :
voice                 : (415) 894-5366 or (415)-89G-LENN
twitter                : @grempe
contact info        :
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