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From Zoltan Lajos Kis <>
Subject Erlang-only CouchDB
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 20:06:31 GMT
Hello all,

Has anyone been experimenting with running CouchDB as an Erlang only 
application? What I would love to have is:
- stick CouchDB into my lib/ directory, and have it run as part of my 
release (everything running in a single Erlang VM).
- use Erlang views only (is erlview running within the same VM? is it 
up-to-date with CouchDB features?)
- access CouchDB via an Erlang interface (is hovercraft still running? 
does it support all features available via http?)
- no dependency on ICU, curl and SpiderMonkey (as I would not need them 
for anything)

Any pointers to references, case studies, whatever is much appreciated!


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