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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: 0.10 on windows
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:57:59 GMT
On 14/10/2009 3:47 AM, Brunjes, Lee (lmb7s) wrote:
> First off, the new installer is very nice and seems to work real nice on server 2008.

My pleasure :)

> To preempt some bug reports, if you are running windows and get the following error on
>   {"error":"error","reason":"eacces"}
> First check your folder permissions. If you can do run as admin and do the test suite
with no errors, you should immediately be thinking that you have a permission issue. You may
also have better results installing to a directory outside of program files.

I'd love to hear if anyone manages this, but I'm fairly confident these 
ideas will not solve the problem:

* As mentioned in the readme, the installer adjusts permissions on the 
directories with the DB.  If you can use Futon to, eg, create an empty 
database, permissions are OK.  In other words, "access denied" when 
*deleting* the test database certainly isn't a permissions issue, as the 
test suite previously managed to *create* it.

* Many of those tests work successfully if you run them manually and 
retry a few times.  Often they work on the second attempt, sometimes 
even more are needed, and sometimes I just resort to restarting couch 
itself - the *first* test you attempt to run after a restart almost 
always works OK.

The problem is simply that couchdb itself is trying to delete a file 
from the file-system while couchdb itself still has that file open. 
This works on most platforms other than Windows.  This same problem will 
prevent compaction working (actually, it *does* compact OK, but fails to 
swap in the newly compacted database as the old one is still in use by 
couch itself)

> I will also be updating the installer page I wrote to point the user to the new, official
0.10, installer.

Excellent, thanks!



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