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From Andreas Wenk <>
Subject Re: Starting CouchDB on Ubuntu (trunk rev 821585)
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 21:23:33 GMT
Paul Davis wrote:
> You could try R13B01, but like I say, I haven't heard of anyone else
> having R13B02 issues.
> Can you try make dev and ./utils/run in the CouchDB source tree?
> # edit ./etc/couchdb/local_dev.ini setting log level to debug
> $ make dev
> $ ./utils/run
> See what that gives

No luck - no output

it creates development ini files as well as a
./tmp structure for development runtime files.
Use ./utils/run to launch CouchDB from the source tree.
mkdir -p ./tmp/lib
mkdir -p ./tmp/log
mkdir -p ./tmp/run
duke@duke:/tmp/couchdb-trunk$ ./utils/run

I made sure that no other couch processes are running.

Do you think it's a bug or misconfiguration in my system? Waht should I 
do to help finding the solution?



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