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From Fidel Viegas <>
Subject CouchDB and Census software
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 17:04:34 GMT
Hi all,

I have been following the discussions on CouchDB, and in fact I have
purchased the early books from apress and o'reilly. I have read one of
the books, and have sort of understood how CouchDB works. I have had
exposure to map reduce before in Python, but have never put it into
practice. Now, I sort of get how it all works. What I am working on
right now, is a system that is going to work in 18 provinces, and each
province will have some districts. I have to implement a system that
will gather some sort of census data for food safety and nutrition,
and then generate reports from that. What most of these projects have
been using so far is excell. They feed an excell spreadsheet with the
data and then use filters to extract whatever reports they need. I
want to cut all of that and create something more sophisticated and
modern. In other words, to create a distributed system that will
replicate data from districts to provinces and provinces to a national
database. The replication is one way only, and perhaps each province
and each district will have a replication server as a backup.

Now, I know that CouchDB would be perfect for this, but I would like
to hear from anyone that has some experience in building a system like
this and that takes into account the following restrictions:

1) Power isn't stable across the whole country. Even in the capitol we
experience power cuts.
2) Communications are really bad. We have mobile communications, but
sometimes they don't work. Even the normal Cable and DSL ones don't
work properly. The most stable ones are VSAT Internet, which is very
expensive, but will have to be used in some sites.

The replication is uni-directional. That is, from district to province
and from province to nationwide db.

Would you suggest using CouchDB for a system like this? And if yes,
how would you tackle it? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance,


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