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From Simon Eisenmann <>
Subject Re: Replication hangs
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 13:48:29 GMT
Hi Paul,

thanks for your feedback!

Am Montag, den 19.10.2009, 09:40 -0400 schrieb Paul Davis:
> Are there any tracebacks in the logs that you can paste? I don't think
> I've heard of replication getting wedged without some sort of
> feedback.

Unfortunately there was no error in the logs or on stderr. Also any
further replication request does hang as well (never completes). The
last entry is always "recording a checkpoint at source update_seq ...".

Please note that this is reproduceable, means it happens all the time
though the time frame varies.

> Also, are you using continuous replication then? I do know that just
> before the 0.10.0 release that Adam Kocoloski and Robert Newson spent
> a good amount of time getting star (all nodes replicate continuously
> to all otheres) kinks ironed out. Or maybe it was a ring. I dunno, but
> there was work on something like that.

I am not using continous replication but an update notification process
triggering pull replication on the other nodes from the database which
was changes. Your point regarding rings is interesting. In general that
would explain it. Though in case of a ring i would have multiple hanging
replications at the same time correct? It always starts with one
direction hanging. The other way around usually works just fine until it
hangs some time (hours) later.

Also i have tested this with a couple of SVN revisions before the 10.0
release and things improved a lot since the first tests. Though now i
have much more data database update sequence in millions range. 

Best regards

> Paul Davis
Simon Eisenmann

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