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From Mike Leddy <>
Subject Documents with large numbers of fields
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 21:05:32 GMT
Hi all,

I have a database with approx 100 million records that I like to port
to a couchdb cluster. The documents that will be inserted will 
vary between 150-250 fields each.

(I will be doing some cool/complex stuff with views for recently 
inserted data in the 24-48 hour range)

A series of historical reports are generated from this data that 
are selected  using a simple criterion ie. an interval in time 
together with multiple locations BUT the fields that are used vary 
significantly depending on the reports (and combination of reports)
that are generated simultaneously.

If I were to use views for each report wouldn't I be building a 
index plus the resulting field values for each possible report
on disk ?

If I use only one view I will save disk but returning the full 
documents via HTTP which will be impractically slow :-(

Is there any way I can have one index being used but filter the 
fields being returned in the documents ? I guess conceptually its
single 'view' combined with different 'shows' that return JSON.

Have I missed some obvious way to do this ?



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