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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject continuous replication questions
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2009 17:06:49 GMT

I've done today some tests with replications (currently 1000 continous
replications open). From a remote node to another. So I have 1000 http
connections opened from one node to another. Seem to work well.

But I wonder what happened if one replication link hangs. Is there a
way to know a database isn't anymore replicated except by parsing
status ? Could we retrieve the lists of running replications maybe not
by HTTP but with Erlang ? Would be useful since such thing could
happened on so many open connections.

About that I think we need a way to replicate in real time a full
couchdb node to another in one http connection, it will cost less
memory (actually 193M are used for 1000 connections) and less open
files. I don't know if it's possible by just using the current update
events ? Or maybe by doing something like stats by adding a function ?
For global replication I think that only having db informations in the
feed is enough, so we get the last updated seq and if the db changed.
Then replicator, could get the list of changes since the last updated
seq it stored. What do you think about it ?

- benoƮt

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