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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject jQuery dependency (Re: Futon Improvements)
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:58:53 GMT
Hi :)

On 10 Sep 2009, at 03:33, cinnebar wrote:

> I am working with a group on a full featured ERP that proposes to
> index/store data AND scripts in one or multiple json db files, perhaps
> outputting function sets from json document/s to .js (for example)  
> file/s
> serverside maybe in a cache folder though perhaps clientside  
> concates or an
> array function will be adequate for most use cases.  For a number of  
> reasons
> and although it is still infant we consider that CouchDB is the best
> candidate for serverside handling of the json docs at the moment.
> We would like to see CouchDB independant of jquery (or even python re
> CouchApp for that matter) for standalone couchapps 'out of the box'.
> Given the very excellent http request api that is a fundamental  
> aspect of
> CouchDB we consider that the current jquery dependancy is a major  
> deterrent
> regarding general uptake of CouchDB.

a) jQuery is a very popular js lib, I don't see how that is a deterrent.
b) CouchDB has no dependency on jQuery :) Feel free to use any you like,
     I've seen raw JS, Dojo, Prototype & Sproutcore apps, maybe more  
     a line of jQuery.


> While the jquery dependency still stands we consider that the dev  
> rate of
> futon and more generally other standalone couchapps will be increased
> dramatically with detailed documentation (commented or otherwise) of  
> the
> jquery.couch.js and other 'in box' jquery[].js files with a simple  
> list of
> function dependancies regards to jquery.js and perhaps documentation  
> of
> those functions too.  Perhaps the fastest way for this to proceed  
> would be
> for the author of jquery.couch.js to provide some explanation in  
> order to
> augment general documentation of 'in box' CouchDB components.
> As yet no time to look through the test suite for specifically jquery
> dependancies and documentation would be helpful here too.
> Of course there is the couch.js providing SJAX methods if required  
> but AJAX
> is 'the shit' (or AJAJ as is more exact in this case - hehe)  and  
> perhaps it
> could be included in a 'COUCH' object namespace.  We are working  
> with an
> 'EOS' object at the moment but this may change.

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