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From tsuraan <>
Subject Modelling Question
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 18:53:47 GMT
I guess this is a pretty generic NoSQL question, but I figured this
would be a reasonable list to ask it on.

I'm trying to figure out how to model a mailbox scenario with Couch.
The idea is that you have users, mailboxes, and mail sources.  A user
can have multiple mailboxes, and each mailbox is fed by a mail source.
 Each mail source feeds multiple mailboxes.  Users have control over
their mailboxes; they can create a mailbox associated with a single
mail source, and they can delete their mailboxes when they feel like

In SQL, I'd have three main tables: Users, Mailboxes, MailSources.
Between Users and Mailboxes would be a mapping table, and between
MailBoxes and MailSources would be another mapping table.  When a user
deletes a mailbox, the relation between that mailbox and its source is
automatically cleaned up by the database's internal logic.  How can
that action be done in CouchDb?

How would a person model this entire thing in CouchDb?  Would you
basically have the same three tables for the data, the same two
mapping tables for user's mailboxes and mailboxes' subscriptions, and
have application-level logic to manage the cascading deletes, or is
there a better way?

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