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From Justin Walgran <>
Subject Re: Best practice: adding an app specific chunk to a document
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 15:04:50 GMT
Eric, that is exactly the type of thing I was looking to support in my app.

Are other app developers using the convention of storing app specific
data under a "doc.application_annotations.[namespace]" key?

It seems like agreeing to a standard is a good way to go. That said,
if I had a database of job applicant documents, then the key
"application_annotations" will likely collide with the actual data.
How would you handle this situation in desktopcouch?


> We've decided to have things that all applications agree on as a top level
> field in the document, described by a schema (so a contact would have
> first_name and last_name, and some other fields that every application would
> conceaivably be interested in) and then there is a dictionary called
> 'application_annotations' where each application has its own namespace in
> which it can store application specific data, or data that not all
> applications agree on.
> This is a flexible way to do things in that it doesn't impose a lot on
> applications that work with it (you don't *have* to look at
> application_annotations if you don't need it, all we ask is that you don't
> delete it) and it makes complicated use cases possible.
> [1]
> --
> - eric casteleijn

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