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From Oliver Boermans <>
Subject Re: I can’t relax. I broke my couch upgrading dependencies. What might this error mean?
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 10:30:28 GMT
2009/8/4 Chris Anderson <>:
> This line suggests `make` was run with sudo or as a different user at
> some point. Blowing away the source tree and starting from a fresh
> download ought to have fixed this.

The words “source tree” suggests the svn source code. Should I be
getting the tagged 0.9.1 from there rather than downloading the
release from <>?

I’d go with the trunk, but I’m concerned that there might be breaking
changes (that I haven’t kept up with) to what I’ve been working on.

> There's an alternative build you could try, standing in a freshly
> untarred copy of the couchdb source, to be on the safe side: `make dev
> && utils/run`

I’ve tried this just now. The command line response was:

make: *** No rule to make target `dev'.  Stop.

Which again suggests to me I may not be installing from the ideal source?

> Thanks for working so hard to get it to run.

Once you get on the couch getting off can be difficult :)

Okay off to #couchdb. I’ll post a reply if I figure out what the
stupid thing is I’ve done here.

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