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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: Best way to handle data? Advice wanted
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 12:28:50 GMT
	As your timestamps are just int's they're nicely sortable. Make a  
view like:

function(doc) {
   emit(doc.timestamp, doc);

and query it like:


which will give you documents with a timestamp between 12344 and 12347.

On 31 Aug 2009, at 01:30, Andrew Mee wrote:

> I have been using CouchDB (trunk) for a couple of weeks now and  
> while I have a good grasp on the way it handles data I am unsure the  
> best way to store some of this data for retrieval purposes. I'll be  
> honest upfront I have some from an SQL background and so I'm still  
> getting my head around some of the concepts and while I could have  
> done this in SQL without a worry, I like the idea of the object and  
> schema-less storage and the replication option that CouchDB has.
> Currently one of the document types I am storing is some time  
> tracking data it look a little like this:
> {
>   "|_id|":|"t125142312603660"|,
>   "|_rev|":|"1-14095bf3c015575a4dc5ec3c7aea1234"|,
>   "|task|":|"blah"|,
>   "|cc|":|"HYD"|,
>   "|timestamp|":|1251423124|,
>   "|pc|":|"SPR"|,
>   "|duration|":|5|,
>   "|username|":|"andrew"|
> }
> The timestamp field is a utc unix timestamp.
> I have been using views with map and reduce functionality to collate  
> this data into the data I want.
> However my issue comes when I want to only look at data between  
> particular time stamps.
> I thought about collating it for a given day do it looked like  
> (format is bad I know!):
> key:["2009-08-26","HYD","SPR","blah"], value: 100 ;
> where value is summed value of durations. But this doesn't work for  
> situations of different timezones.
> I thought that I may be able to use startkey/endkey docid and use  
> the time stamp as the docid to filter the documents used for the  
> reduce - but this doesn't seem to be the way it works. (Am I wrong??)
> I did think about using an external process, but this only works as  
> both a map and reduce not just a reduce option.
> I am interested to know your thought on the best way to handle this  
> data and retrieve it?
> Regards
> Andrew M

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