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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchDB for production
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 18:15:09 GMT

On 18 Aug 2009, at 09:52, [mRg] wrote:

> Hi all,
> After showing how great a fit CouchDB is in the proof of concept  
> stage, I
> have now been tasked with specing a production machine.
> Does anyone have recommendations/gotchas for CouchDB production  
> environments
> ? As an idea of scale the site is expected to handle 8,000,000 hits  
> per
> month (approx 250,000 per day) and while Couch isnt providing all of  
> the
> site functionality it is supporting the tagging elements which is a  
> major
> part of the site.
> We have a large SAN / VMWare-based virtualised infrastructure and  
> (Please
> correct me if I'm wrong) I remember reading that disk-seek  
> performance is
> probably more important than processor for a CouchDB environment so  
> I am
> also looking at a good way to get some test metrics to see if a VM  
> box will
> be up to scratch.
> Should running the test suite (from futon) give me a good idea of
> performance rates of a single machine if I can get one put together ?

In addition to the other excellent recommendations.

The test suite is not a good performance benchmark. Robert Dionne has
some performance tests, but I don't know where they currently are :)


> Any advice / answers anyone can give are appreciated.

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