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From Tommy Chheng <>
Subject Re: couchdb server connection refused error
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:05:42 GMT
> I don't know what the client program actually is, though. Is it a web
> browser? In that case you would have to give every user who runs a web
> browser on that machine this privilege. However it seems remarkable  
> that a
> web browser would open 1000+ concurrent file handles, since code  
> running in
> the browser doesn't have direct filesystem access anyway (unless  
> you're
> running Java applets?)
> Or is it some middleware application, which receives requests from the
> browser clients, and forwards them onto the backends?

It is a Ruby app using Couchrest(which uses restclient/net ruby lib)

I'm basically comparing one document against all other documents(+30K  
documents in the dataset; so it's huge number of connections if the  
connections aren't being closed properly) like this:
     grants = NsfGrant.all.paginate(:page => current_page, :per_page  
=> page_size)
     grants.each do |doc2|
       NsfGrantSimilarity.compute_and_store(doc1, doc2)

I suspect there could be a file descriptor(due to not closing the  
connection) leak in the Ruby app, I'll have to investigate more to see  
where the source of the problem is.

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