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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject A CMS on top of CouchDB
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:39:26 GMT
Hello all,

I work at a company that is currently in the process of evaluating 
different content management systems with a focus on web publishing and 
community features. We are currently using a CMS that was developed 
in-house (started in 1996 when there weren't too many CMS products 
around) and later open sourced. However, we feel we have reached the 
limits of our current architecture and we're currently looking at more 
modern and flexible ways to work with our content and the web.

We have had CMS products like Magnolia, Hippo, dotCMS and Roxen demoed 
to us, which are all based on either Java Content Repositories (JCR), 
XML and/or relational databases and I started thinking: wouldn't a 
document-oriented database like CouchDB make an ideal platform for a CMS?

Features we're looking for include:

- Document type specification and corresponding editors which can be 
created automatically/easily
- Workflow management
- User roles
- Templating
- Content versioning
- Publication rules (e.g. 'visible after date 1, but only until date 2')
- Community features like tagging and commenting
- Moderation
- LDAP integration
- Scalability
- Full text search
- Easy creation and use of reusable components (polls, lists of popular 
items, etc.) built using technologies understood by by frontend 
developers (I'm thinking HTML/JavaScript etc.)
- Easy arrangement of widgets, drag and drop layout interface?

I understand that a mature product with all these features built on 
CouchDB does not exist today and probably will take a while to build. 
I'd like to just throw the idea of a CMS on CouchDB out on this 
mailinglist and hear from people that are interested. I'm not sure my 
company is willing to build another CMS (I guess not, but I'm 'just a 
developer'), but maybe we could participate somehow in a project to 
build a CMS that might some day fulfill all of our needs.

Any thoughts?


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