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From Nitin Borwankar <>
Subject Re: couch returning text/plain for responses - is this correct ?
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 08:53:30 GMT
Paul Joseph Davis wrote:
> [...]
> Well, for jquery with couchdb I'd just point people at jquery.couch.js 
> for most answers. Though that could be me being lazy. Feel free to add 
> where you think is appropriate. The wiki is a wiki after all. :)

For people like me coming from a very rudimentary UI experience level - 
a slower descent into the hel.. er I mean depths of  jquery is preferred 
I love jQuery but the more advanced syntax is a steep curve for a few days.
I tried the jquery.couch.js approach first - but just the number of 
concepts to be assimilated before I could get one thing done were too much.
The functional syntax takes some getting used to and just trying to 
figure what scope I am in at each line of the code is mind twisting.

Most jQuery tutorials are focused on DOM manipulation whereas my first 
interest is/was making calls to couch and getting json back - this 
usually comes towards th end of a jQuery book and I'd like to create a 
page or two of simple jQuery ajax in the context of couch.

Starting from a bare $.ajax call level is useful - the syntactic sugar 
of jQuery is actually very useful - I just found it way too much all at 
once to also assimilate the plug in concepts as well.

Additionally getting the paths straightened out when adding your own 
libs or using the internal ones is another thing.

Perhaps a tutorial db that comes with couch and has a bunch of sample 
docs, simplest to more complicated, with libs, attachments, sample data 
would be useful.

I remember when I was at Sybase ( it is still true ) they had a "pubs" 
sample database that was installed with the server and was useful in 
learning an in testing.  Sybase training classes were based on the 
"pubs" database as well.  I know the test data base is supposed to be 
similar but a testing environment is not always conducive to learning 
for many people.  I'd like to float the idea of a database with sample 
data, code and docs that can be replicated from, or just comes 
with couch ( to save the bandwidth charges ).

In the meanwhile I can start something on the wiki - in my copious spare 

Paul, thanks again for putting up with the noise while I stumbled around 
the basement banging my head everywhere.


> Paul
>>>> Nitin

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