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From Robert Dionne <>
Subject Re: A CMS on top of CouchDB
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:14:19 GMT
You may want to look at and/or talk to these folks[1] who've  
prototyped something along the lines of a CouchDB based CMS




On Aug 19, 2009, at 8:39 AM, Nils Breunese wrote:

> Hello all,
> I work at a company that is currently in the process of evaluating  
> different content management systems with a focus on web publishing  
> and community features. We are currently using a CMS that was  
> developed in-house (started in 1996 when there weren't too many CMS  
> products around) and later open sourced. However, we feel we have  
> reached the limits of our current architecture and we're currently  
> looking at more modern and flexible ways to work with our content  
> and the web.
> We have had CMS products like Magnolia, Hippo, dotCMS and Roxen  
> demoed to us, which are all based on either Java Content  
> Repositories (JCR), XML and/or relational databases and I started  
> thinking: wouldn't a document-oriented database like CouchDB make an  
> ideal platform for a CMS?
> Features we're looking for include:
> - Document type specification and corresponding editors which can be  
> created automatically/easily
> - Workflow management
> - User roles
> - Templating
> - Content versioning
> - Publication rules (e.g. 'visible after date 1, but only until date  
> 2')
> - Community features like tagging and commenting
> - Moderation
> - LDAP integration
> - Scalability
> - Full text search
> - Easy creation and use of reusable components (polls, lists of  
> popular items, etc.) built using technologies understood by by  
> frontend developers (I'm thinking HTML/JavaScript etc.)
> - Easy arrangement of widgets, drag and drop layout interface?
> I understand that a mature product with all these features built on  
> CouchDB does not exist today and probably will take a while to  
> build. I'd like to just throw the idea of a CMS on CouchDB out on  
> this mailinglist and hear from people that are interested. I'm not  
> sure my company is willing to build another CMS (I guess not, but  
> I'm 'just a developer'), but maybe we could participate somehow in a  
> project to build a CMS that might some day fulfill all of our needs.
> Any thoughts?
> Nils.

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