Hi guys, so the list/show coding is going well - have the show running except for one blocker - I am using curl to invoke the show (alost identical to example) in couch app as follows - change dthe name from example to show_details in both the shows code and lib/template - id in this request is "aacosta" - the template just returns a doc with the id in it curl $CDB/ptest2/_design/vt2/_show/show_details/aacosta two questions Why is the xml being sent back by default? What is the right param to pass in to trigger the html? show function is as follows function(doc, req) { // !code lib/helpers/template.js // !json lib.templates respondWith(req, { html : function() { var html = template(lib.templates.show_details, doc); return {body:html} }, xml : function() { return { body : } } }) }; html template is as follows Details

<% doc._id %>

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