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From Andy Kappen <>
Subject High CPU Usage At Idle
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 22:16:58 GMT
I'm running couchdb-0.9.0 on a 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 server, and after a
few hours the couch beam.smp process starts consuming 25-40% CPU even
when idle.  The CPU usage remains at this level until I restart
couchdb, at which point CPU usage drops back to <2% before slowly
climbing back to the 25-40% range.  I don't see any active couchjs
processes in top when idle, so I don't think it is view/indexing

I don't see this on my dev machine (OS X) where couchdb-0.9.0 never
consumes more than 2% CPU at idle.

Has anybody seen this behavior before?  Any tips on figuring out
what's going on?

Andy Kappen

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