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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject [ANN] CouchDB-Python 0.6
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 21:33:10 GMT
Hey all,

at long last, a new release of CouchDB-Python has become available  
today: 0.6

This is the release that was *supposed* to be released around the time  
CouchDB 0.9 got released, but alas, other things got in the way.  
Anyway, this release comes with a number of fixes and improvements  
that should hopefully benefit anyone using this library, including:

* `schema.DictField` instances no longer need to be bound to a  
`Schema` (issue 51).
* Added a `config` property to the `client.Server` class (issue 67).
* Added a `compact()` method to the `client.Database` class (issue 37).
* Changed the `update()` method of the `client.Database` class to  
simplify the handling of errors. The method now returns a list of  
`(success, docid, rev_or_exc)` tuples. See the docstring of that  
method for the details.
* `schema.ListField` proxy objects now support the `__contains__()`  
and `index()` methods (issue 77).
* The results of the `query()` and `view()` methods in the  
`schema.Document` class are now properly wrapped in objects of the  
class if the `include_docs` option is set (issue 76).
* Removed the `eager` option on the `query()` and `view()` methods of  
`schema.Document`. Use the `include_docs` option instead, which  
doesn't require an additional request per document.
* Added a `copy()` method to the `client.Database` class, which  
translates to a HTTP COPY request (issue 74).
* Accessing a non-existing database through `Server.__getitem__` now  
throws a `ResourceNotFound` exception as advertised (issue 41).
* Added a `delete()` method to the `client.Server` class for  
consistency (issue 64).
* The `couchdb-dump` tool now operates in a streaming fashion, writing  
one document at a time to the resulting MIME multipart file (issue 58).
* It is now possible to explicitly set the JSON module that should be  
used for decoding/encoding JSON data. The currently available choices  
are `simplejson`, `cjson`, and `json` (the standard library module).  
It is also possible to use custom decoding/encoding functions.
* Add logging to the Python view server. It can now be configured to  
log to a given file or the standard error stream, and the log level  
can be set debug to see all communication between CouchDB and the view  
server (issue 55).
* The replication_helper script now uses pull instead of push  
replication (issue 46).
* The replication_helper script allows providing authentication  
credentials using the http://username:password@server format (issue 47).
* The replication_helper wait threshold no longer defaults to 0  
seconds thus pegging the CPU (issue 48)
* Also, replication_helper can now optionally log to a file, and the  
command-line syntax has been cleaned up.

It can be downloaded from PyPI here:


To report bugs, join the mailing list, etc, start with the project  


Many thanks to everyone who contributed patches and bug reports!

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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