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From Daniel Trümper <>
Subject Updating views while inserting documents
Date Sat, 04 Jul 2009 08:55:59 GMT

In the company I am working for I have implemented a implementation of  
their 'Document Storage' which has until now been MySQL :). Now with  
CouchDB everything is just perfect! So thank you Damien for taking the  

Regarding the insertion of a ton of documents what is the rule-of- 
thumb (if there is one) for updating the views? Currently I am  
planning to insert maybe 1000 documents and then call one of the  
design document's view function in order to update them. But I have  
read on the list that the views are also updated if I simply GET one  

Essentially my question is: do I call one of the views or do I GET one  

Another question is: if I have done things wrong and now have about  
150.000 documents in my database (240MB) and several views that I now  
want to update, is it expected that the time for this is not linear?  
We have seen that CouchDB takes about an hour or so to update 50% of  
the views and then several hours for the rest (if it does not crash  


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