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From Jim Puls <>
Subject What would cause CouchDB to start eating up all my memory and CPU?
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 18:29:27 GMT
I'm running CouchDB 0.9.0 to collect a bunch of data and map/reduce it  
later. Awesome. Here it is, happily collecting data, being very light  
on system resources, indeed:

     22383 couchdb   20   0  192m  19m 4096 S    2  3.7   0:12.82  

That is, until I request a view. There are perhaps 8000 unindexed  
records in this database, and the view server appears to get through  
all of them just fine. But as soon as it finishes, CPU and memory both  
spike until they exhaust the system:

     22383 couchdb   20   0 1052m 453m 2208 S   72 88.4   0:52.65  

At this point, all requests to the server time out until I kill it and  
restart it. After the restart, everything is fine again until I next  
request a view.

Anybody have any ideas? The database is about 600 MB and has about  
320000 documents in it. There isn't a record of any exceptions in the  

-> jp

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