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From Morbus Iff <>
Subject Re: Defining my document model when the source is entity-relationship
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 16:28:20 GMT
>> This is a good point - the replication part of a CouchApp (which I 
>> have only just started to learn about) is very appealing to me. The 
>> fact that I can only use HTML/JS also adds another layer of "Sounds 
>> like a Fun Challenge". I just didn't anticipate how much of an 
>> "interesting problem" an FRBR attempt has created ;)
> You can use any language for your queries, provided it is provided a 
 > wrapper. At least javascript, python (must evaluate as function),
 > java and erlang are allowed for now.

Right, but that restricts replication, right? It would mean that
whomever replicated the app would also need Python or Java (or any
of the other "communicate with CouchDB" wrappers) on their box?

I thought HTML/JS only was required for CouchApp apps?

  "Applications that live in CouchDB — nice. You just attach a bunch
   of HTML and JavaScript files to a design document and you are good
   to go." --

Morbus Iff ( i've eaten fruity pebbles with p-diddy )
Enjoy: and
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