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From Jason Davies <>
Subject Re: How reliable is the versioning system?
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 07:52:39 GMT
On 13 Jul 2009, at 08:26, wrote:

> I'm about to build a system of resources where every change to a
> resource are supposed to be loggable and traceable. Can I trust the
> revision/versioning system in couch to handle this for me, or do I  
> want
> to build my own data structure for storing revisions of each resource?

You'll want to build your own data structures for revision control.

In CouchDB, the "_rev" (revision) field is only used for multiversion  
concurrency control (MVCC).  Old revisions of documents are only kept  
around until the next compaction and they are never replicated, so we  
don't recommend using this for any kind of revision control system and  
we advise that you roll your own.

Jason Davies

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