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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Re: Updating views while inserting documents
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 08:13:36 GMT
>> What version of couchdb? What version of erlang? What version of
>> spidermonkey? What O/S?
> CouchDB: 0.9.1 (from the svn branch)
> Erlang: 5.6.5 OTP: R12B5
> Spidermokey:
> OS: Uuntu Jaunty (9.04)

Looks fine except there may or may not be memory usage problems with
spidermonkey 1.8. I am using 1.7 (the default in Jaunty)

Is it a 64-bit OS? I think I read here a suggestion to compile Erlang in
32-bit mode, but you'll have to check the archives. I still don't own a
64-bit machine :-)

>> Try updating to couchdb trunk at least erlang 12b5.
> So the 0.9.x branch is not recommended?

I think it should be fine, but it would be a useful data point to compare to

> A few more details. The database I am building the index for has  
> approximately 127.000 documents (240 MB). Until about 40% the index is  
> built without problems. After that it slows down really fast.

Are you swapping? Try 'top' then press capital M to look for memory hogs,
and 'vmstat 2' to watch I/O.

> The views itself are quite simple. I currently have several views and  
> the emit functions are quite simple:
>   emit( field, null );
>   emit( doc._id, null );
>   emit( [field, doc[field]], null );
>   emit( field, doc[field] );

Anything in the logs when it starts to slow down?

Aside: I would write  emit( [field, doc[field] || null], null );
in case doc doesn't have a [field] member. The view server barfs its guts
if you try to get it to serialise 'undefined'.

Other than that, no I'm afraid I don't have any ideas.



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