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From Aníbal Rojas <>
Subject Re: Newbie question regarding Bulk Documents
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 11:52:08 GMT

   Thatś what we are doing. We are updating docs matching a specific
view, we loop over this view and each time we process 1000 documents.
Now I understand that each time we query the view, it is updated and
the next set of docs (missing some information) are rerned.

    When this bulk update finishes, the documents will be all updated
and the views will be completely updated ready for a quick response

    Best regards,


2009/5/23 Kai Griffin <>:
> I have the part of my application that uploads lots of bulk docs perform a
> view request every x-number of documents (roughly around every 50).  That
> spreads the time required to upload the view out, so that when it's time for
> someone to look at a view, the indexes are either already updated, or very
> nearly so.
> Cheers,
> Kai
> On 21/05/2009 23:36, Blair Nilsson wrote:
>> 2009/5/22 Aníbal Rojas <>:
>>> Hello,
>>>  Once a POST request to the /whatever/_bulk_docs URI finishes and a
>>> response is generated by CouchDB, does this assure all the views have
>>> been updated? Could not find this behavior expĺained in the API
>>>  Thanks in advance,
>>> --
>>> Aníbal Rojas
>>> @anibalrojas
>> The views will not be updated until someone looks at them. In saying
>> that, you can treat them as updated because next time they are used,
>> they will have the records added to them.
>> This does mean that if a LOT of records are added, the new time you
>> use a view it may be a touch slow, but normally it isn't a problem.
>> --- Blair

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